Sunday, 9 February 2014

ATC Holder Tutorial

Hi Again Everyone! <----- Annabel :)

We've started to get some fantastic ATC's at Craft Club now and I thought you might like to make a small ATC holder to keep them safe. Here are the basics for a simple design, it can obviously be enhanced and embellished to your heart's content!


For the ATC holder I used one A4 sheet of white card, bonefolder, craft knife, scissors, 5 sheets of coloured paper, double sided tape, 2 brads, 2 die-cut circles, pokey tool, foam poking mat and baker's twine.

Blue spotty paper from "Tis the Season" collection by Bobunny. Other papers from "Stars and Stripes Collection" from Craftseller magazine. This project is an ideal way to use up some of those freebie craft papers, especially the two sided kind!

1. To start with I cut out the two main elements. The top one is to make the outer part of the holder and measures 29cm x 9 m. The bottom one is to make the individual pockets  in the holder and measures 18cm x 7cm. Score, fold and cut both as shown.

 2. Next cut out the paper needed for the matting and layering on the outer holder. As we are covering inside as well as outside you will need to make two sets. Use the dimensions shown in the picture.
(You will need 2 of 8cm x 4cm, 3 lots of 8cm x 1cm and 4 lots of 8cm x9 cm.)
When I have finished cutting the blue paper to size I mounted all the pieces on to red paper.

3. Stick your matting and layering pieces to the outside of the holder with double sided tape. (Don't do the inside yet!)
Measure to the centre point of the 5cm flap and bodge through a hole. 
Push a brad through a diecut card circle and then through the bodged hole. Secure on reverse.
Do the same with the lower flap.

4. You can now wrap some Baker's twine around/behind the circles and create a fastening to hold the folder shut. Wrapping in a figure of eight pattern looks nice! It's surprisingly secure.

5. Now open the holder and use tape to attach the remaining matted pieces. You are now covering up the messy side of the brads too. Don't attach anything to the section marked "A", leave it as it is.

 6. Now it's time to make the ATC pockets. I used double sided paper and started by cutting it into 18cm x 9 cm sections. I then used my pocket template to mark out the rest of the design. 
I cut eight pockets for this tutorial- but you can add more pockets if you want, or less, its a flexible system!
You could also cut all the pockets in card and then add decorative elements.

 7. When they are all cut out I chose the order I wanted to attach them in. Then I added double sided tape to the middle/back of each pocket. Next stack them up and stick them down as squarely as possible.

8. Add additional tape to the back pocket and then attach it to the back of the folder. If you hold it upright it's easier to align the bottom of the pockets with the bottom of the folder, so they sit on the section that we left without any matting.

Finished ATC holder! It's actually pretty robust and could be altered to fit any number of pockets. A slightly different concertina effect can be made by sticking the front pocket to the front piece of the holder, but this stops you adding more pockets at a later date. Hope you feel inspired!


  1. Clever Girl, you read my mind. Will hopefully be able to get started on it as a weekend project