Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Part of your Stash beating you?

First post on the blog! Thought I would start us off with a bit of info about the last meeting!

Wendy suggested we might like to bring in part of our craft stash that we just don't know what to do with and get some ideas off the other members.

I bought in 4 stamps by La Blanche that I had from the QVC shop in Shrewsbury. ( In the good old days when it was packed with bargains.)

I've never had any success with them but it turns out I might have just been using the wrong inks. What I should have been using were archival inks! Here is a picture of what Helen did with them, and she actually made them look really good! Seems I was at fault and not the stamps :)
Unfortunately the twinkling H20's on the sunflower arent showing up as in real life..they sparkle!

Susan also took home some of the stamps and tried them with black archival ink on some special smooth stamping paper and came up with an incredibly crisp image. Althougth the stamps seem to be moulded in horrid plastic they actually work really well! Just not with distress inks! - Proof you should try things a few times before giving up on them entirely :)

I really recommend you grab something unused from your stash for the next club meeting and if you are happy to loan them out, you might get something really nice back! And some top tips!

Annabel  x

P.s If you would like to borrow these stamps and have a go with them yourself, you would be most welcome.


  1. The dreaded brayer may need to come out of it's plastic then..Any Barbara Gray type expertise out there?

  2. These stamps looked like they wouldn't work as not deeply etched. But they came out lovely in the end and were quite detailed